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  1. Jake Horowitz

    These really do help me relax. I have major anxiety and this has been a tremendous help to take at the end of the day to help calm my nerves.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  2. mike Z

    I’ve had a lot of CBD products in the past and I’m still looking for the perfect products. These come pretty close, I was particularly intrigued by the milligram dosage and the price point. My initial thoughts were that they wouldn’t be as strong as I expected, however I did notice my body ease up after having two of them. One thing I did notice was that there was a small aftertaste, but nowhere close to the other products I’ve tried. I will try the Sour ones next and will leave a review. Great product nonetheless

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  3. Sarah J

    Not overly sweet, but they do the trick. Helped with sleep and anxiety. I would recommend these to anyone with mild anxiety or mild insomnia. No THC makes it perfect and legal. Most of the gummies are sweet but not overpowering.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  4. Georgia C

    Love this product … I no longer need sleeping pill to help me get to sleep. I recommend taking at bedtime .. best sleep I’ve had in awhile. If you take during the day it instantly relieves feelings of anxiety.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  5. Chris D.

    After taking the CBD Gummies I no longer suffer from insomnia. I wake up much more rested and alert. Good product and would recommend.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  6. Michal Sudo

    I wasn’t sure to expect when I first tasted the gummies but I was pleasantly surprised that they tasted exactly like the regular candies. They taste great and don’t have any after-taste lingering.

    They helped me regulate my sleep schedule. I’d usually take one before I started my bedtime routine and they would help me wind down and relax before bed. If you have trouble falling asleep definitely give these a shot!

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  7. Steph K.

    I love your products and I seriously love this company. As somebody who regularly uses CBD products, I really appreciate the higher doses of CBD at the price point that you sell it for. Other brands normally have 10mg per gummy leaves me having to take multiple gummies at a time or supplement the gummies with another CBD tincture/oil. These are definitely my go-to CBD gummies!

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  8. Tina

    Wow the peach rings are fantastic, they taste great and works great for anxiety and all kinds of conditions! I have recommended this product to many people already and they have all loved it!

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  9. Sammy F.

    My absolute favorite out of the gummies i’ve tried. Tasty as heck. Good price and I am completely satisfied with the quality of this product. The struggles are real with anxiety.

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  10. Aaron Valid

    I’ve always wanted to try these and after seeing the article on Leafly I needed to get them. Please send me a discount code for the bundle.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

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