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  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    Going through this COVID-19 pandemic has been insanely stressful. I ordered the vegan gummies and ate them all and had to order this assorted variety pack asap. These help me get my sleep schedule right. I take one in the evening and it calms me down and helps me sleep soundly through the night. Even my mom loves them and made me order this.

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  2. Vanessa (verified owner)

  3. Vanessa (verified owner)

  4. Curtis Oh (verified owner)

    My favorite cbd gummy

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  5. Carlos L.

    I’m not 100% sold on Hemp yet, but these gummies are great quality. Nicely packaged, well made, and tasted great. 50mg is a bit more than I need so I cut them in quarters and ate 1-2 quarters at a time.

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  6. Steph K.

    Best vegan hemp gummies I’ve had so far. Taste great and work well. Great product release.

    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  7. Julius T.

    I don’t usually write reviews but I have a lot trouble falling asleep and now when I take two of these before bed, I sleep like a baby and feel so relaxed/anxiety free. You get a lot of gummies for the price and they are so delicious and flavorful. This is my first time using anything Hemp and I’m very pleased that I found Potion.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  8. Jeanna B

    I love these gummies. While they have an amazing taste, that is definitely not the best thing about this gummies. I take Hemp oil in the morning and at night to help with anxiety and sleep issues. These gummies act as a mid-day boost whenever I’m having any time of body pain or anxiety/panic attack. I would recommend to anyone!

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  9. Donte Jordan

    Flavor is really good. I found that I have to take 2 gummies to have an effect. I previously had been taking a different brand of Hemp hemp gummies. Price is right, great value compared to other similar products. I will buy again.

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  10. Tamara Bechard

    Wow. Does this company have vegan gummies?! I would eat them all day long. ! Very happy I came across Potion Hemp. These hemp gummies are delicious as they are effective. Really good for my every day headaches , anxiety and restless nights. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. I am no doctor but these definitely help with symptoms . And it took me awhile to find a company that was vegan as well. So super stoked. Will definitely be purchasing again !

    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

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