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  1. LisaRar

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    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  2. Zee (verified owner)

    My prerolls just came in and I already want to order more!! These are perfect after a long and stressful day at work. My mood and entire energy is shifted after a few hits. This is my first time trying cbd flower and it does everything they say it does

    Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)

  3. MaryRar

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    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  4. EyeRar

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    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  5. AmyRar

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    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  6. RUBY (verified owner)

    I haven’t received it yet, and I was told that the discount code was going to be added, but it hasn’t been.

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  7. CarlRar

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  8. MarkRar

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    Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg)

  9. Diana Oest (verified owner)

    I don’t know yet, haven’t received them yet

    Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)

  10. Sofia A. (verified owner)

    The gummies is delicious and so relaxing😍

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

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