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  1. Liz Ring

    Good tasting and helped a lot! I suffer from anxiety and depression.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  2. Todd K.

    These gummies are great any time of day, can be taken before work for a calm day or at night to help unwind from the day. The effect is very subtle, you definitely do not get buzzed. They give me a feeling of happiness and well-being, which makes me more OK with whatever situation I’m in.

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

  3. Taiki

    At first I was a little hesitant about these gummies, but I’ve been dealing with slight anxiety and insomnia for years, so I decided to give them a try. I popped a couple about an hour before bed, and found myself able to relax enough to go to sleep! I also found that when the anxiety started coming on a couple gummies even it out and help me calm down. And it doesn’t hurt that they taste really good.

    Bundle Deals (1500mg)Bundle Deals (1500mg)

  4. Sam M.

    I used to smoke bud everyday back in college, but now that I’m working full time I know i can’t be doing that anymore. I’ve been trying to find an easy way to get the edge off and when i heard about these preroll CBD joints I had to try them and I’m glad I did! These are literally exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)Pre-Roll Hemp Joints (150mg)

  5. mike Z

    I’ve had a lot of Hemp products in the past and I’m still looking for the perfect products. These come pretty close, I was particularly intrigued by the milligram dosage and the price point. My initial thoughts were that they wouldn’t be as strong as I expected, however I did notice my body ease up after having two of them. One thing I did notice was that there was a small aftertaste, but nowhere close to the other products I’ve tried. I will try the Sour ones next and will leave a review. Great product nonetheless

    CBD Gummies (250mg)CBD Gummies (250mg)

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