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I have questions about my order and tracking information. Who do I talk to?

Depending on your shipping option, the delivery time will vary. Check your tracking number on your order email to see where your order is. If you don't have this information, send us an email at and someone will be right with you. All orders are processed within 1-3 days of your order time.

I am an influencer/brand ambassador and am interested in working with Potion. Who can I talk to?

We’d love to hear more about how you and your audience can help us share the chill far and wide. Shoot us a note at, and we’ll be in touch.

I’m a retailer! Can I carry Potion at my store?

Awesome! Email, and we’ll take it from there!

I’m an investor, and I really think you’ve got something here. How can I invest in Potion?

We’re flattered! Please reach out directly via, and we’ll follow up shortly with specifics.

I’m a journalist and have a press inquiry. Can I please talk to a human?

Send us an email at and we'll respond right away!

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