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We know life can get fast paced and stressful. That’s why we created Potion. We know buying hemp products online can be confusing so we wanted to be transparent about our entire process from sourcing to delivering our products to your door.

Who We Are

Potion is a New York-based, lifestyle, hemp & cannabis brand with an emphasis on interactive experiences. We’re a collective of young entrepreneurs, creatives, and advocates that are passionate about the hemp & cannabis space. 

The hemp and cannabis industries are heavily intertwined with global culture. in media, music, art, or various other mediums of creative self-expression, the impact that cannabis has in culture are immeasurable. Our mission is to reflect the synergistic nature of cannabis and culture to the public through activations ranging from concerts and club events to galleries and markets.

We’re currently at the tipping point of long-awaited reform and we feel it is our duty to break the stigma of cannabis use. With the support of our community to ensure the accessibility of cannabis to the masses, we strive to increase awareness, educate the general public, and to lead the industry in a direction of positivity, creativity and inclusivity.

Our products have been featured on a number of articles in publications including Leafly and NowThis Weed.


What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the second most abundant compound found in the cannabis plant and is associated with a wide range of health & wellness benefits. 

Can I take too much CBD?

Although everyone has varying tolerance levels, there are no serious adverse effects to taking a lot of CBD. However, that is not to say that we would ever recommend taking an exorbitant amount! Always start low and work your way up to see what amount works best for you.  

Does CBD get you “high”?

No, CBD does not have psychoactive effects in the way that THC does. So rest assured, even taking a lot of CBD will not get you “high”.

Is CBD Natural?

Yes, CBD is an all natural compound found directly in the cannabis plant and as such it is not synthetically created. 

How long does CBD last?

The effects last at varying lengths for everyone, and each product has a different speed of onset. General feedback has shown that each dose should last ~3-6 hours, but CBD when taken regularly can potentially extend its efficacy for some. 

Will I fail a drug test?

While we cannot make any claims when it comes to personal drug testing, we are confident all of our products have been cleared for maintaining the industry standard of <.03% THC. Ultimately, the results will depend on the sensitivity of the testing facility and equipment. However, for those who prefer to take extra precaution we recommend our CBD isolate products as they do not contain any trace of THC.

Farming Partners

We pride ourselves in our relationships with reputable hemp farms across Oregon, California, Colorado and New York. We carefully cultivate only the highest quality of USA grown hemp & CBD just for you. Our farming partners take incredible care throughout the entire growing and harvesting process, ensuring transparency through every step from cultivation to delivering the product to your door. By choosing the right partners at this stage, every Potion product that is created thereafter maintains the highest standard of quality.




Our Process

Our lab partners in Colorado use what we receive from our farming partners to then further extract the CBD using a proprietary extraction method. Unlike some others, we use a full plant botanical extraction method, so that our end products can provide both the entourage effect while maintaining much of the original plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids. This extract is then infused into our various products in our top of the line facilities before they ultimately end up at your doors.

Dosing 101

We always recommend for everyone to experiment and find out what works best for you personally. Some may find their perfect dose to be a couple of our 25mg gummies at night before bed, while others may prefer a few puffs of our premium hemp joints to get the day started. Your preferred dosing may also differ depending on the reason you are using the product for and the strength/type of the product itself. Whatever the perfect dose for you may be, we make sure that we provide a product here for everyone.