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Pre-Rolled Joints


White Grape

Experience our flavorful blends of Oregon-grown hemp, rolled to perfection. Each pre-roll hemp joint is carefully crafted by hand for those who desire the benefits of CBD while remaining sharp and focused. With every inhale, experience the terpene rich flavors ranging from citrus to pine, for a calming sense of relaxation.

White Grape is an indica dominant strain cross bred using the ‘grape stomper’ and ‘aloha white widow’ strains. The fruity undertones of the White Grape strain alongside its calming effects make it one of the perfect nighttime strains to ease you into a deep restful sleep.

Cannabinoid Profile:

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Explore how each strain has its own unique features, such as effects, terpenes, and cannabinoid breakdowns.








Product Details:

  • Packaged in a cool, travel-friendly aluminum tin
  • Each pre-roll is loaded with 1 gram of organic hemp
  • 100% pesticide free, organically grown Hemp
  • Grown in the serene mountains of Oregon
  • Each tin comes with 5 pre-roll hemp joints

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