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New Delta-8 Gummies

We just launched the perfect Delta 8 Gummies for all things relaxation, sleep, meditation, and mood uplifting. Vegan, low-sugar, and actually effective. After insane demand in our physical store in NYC, we had to drop these online.


Higher-quality CBD & Delta-8 products

Our new Delta-8 infused gummies are designed to be delicious, low-sugar, vegan, affordable, and most importantly, effective.

Take 1 for immediate relaxation and happiness, and take 2 for body relaxation and deep sleep. If anything more, you're in for an experience. 

Enjoy our long-awaited and best-seller in our dispensary. With the wellness and relaxation properties infused into each gummy, experience a comfortable mind and body balance. These gummies are perfect for those who want to experience something more powerful than our classic CBD gummies.

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Potion is designed to…

  • Clear your mind
  • Be Present In The Moment
  • Wash you in an aura of comfort
  • Unwind, relax and recover
  • Soothe your spirit